A toast to a promising future during the first summer edition of Brainport New Year's meeting The New Horizon

Sun, refreshments, student teams, entertainment, a warm welcome by chairman of the Brainport Foundation John Jorritsma and an inspiring speech by futurologist and founder of the Next Nature foundation, Koert van Mensvoort. These ingredients together led to a very successful first summer edition of Brainport’s New Year's gathering The New Horizon! Last Tuesday hundreds of visitors raised their glasses to a promising futury on the terrace at the pond of the iconic Evoluon.

And a promising future was exactly the subject that Koert van Mensvoort of Next Nature - the foundation that is working on making the Evoluon a public location for everyone again - addressed. After a short word of welcome by John Jorritsma in which he reflected on the recent first investments by the government to relieve the pressure on the regional housing market and the road network, Koert van Mensvoort took the stage.

“In the next ten minutes, I want to take you to a new horizon,” the futurologist started his speech. “On this earth there are more patents than animal and plant species. Everyone encounters technology. And here in this region we also develop that technology. What is the future going to be like? Will we not only have electrons around us, but also in our body? Are we going to 3D print our food or drive a solar car?”

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Want to (re)experience the first summer edition of The New Horizon? Then take a look at the photos.

We look forward to seeing you during the next edition of The New Horizon!

Photo-impression 28 June 2022

Tune 28 June Photos by Bram Saeys

Video impression

Tuesday, June 28 2022



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