Almost 1200 people visited The New Horizon 2019. The atmosphere was easy-going and positive, there was lots of room for people to meet and talk and robot soccer team Tech United of TU/e, that became world champion in 2018, attracted plenty of attention. In this setting mayor of the city of Eindhoven and president of the Brainport Foundation, John Jorritsma, introduced the evening’s guest speaker: Eric van Schagen, president of VNO/NCW and director of ICT company Simac.

Van Schagen started his speech with the announcement ‘I am a bit of a substitute’, referring to the fact that with his performance, he replaced President-Director Shell Netherlands: Marjan van Loon. He proved to be a very worthy substitute and started with a positive message. ‘Brainport Eindhoven’s strength and success are seen and acknowledged by many on a national level. ‘There are three mainports: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. There is no discussion about that.’

He also made a few critical comments on the success of the region. ‘Large enterprises notice that facilities are under pressure and SME notice the shortages in the labour market, the pressure on the infrastructure and the fact that a few of the facilities are lagging behind. For the inhabitants of the region, its success is not always noticeable or self-evident either. That is something we need to continue to pay attention to.’

Van Schagen ended his speech with a few recommendations and expressing his hope that we all remain to be proud of this region. ‘When we pay a bit more attention to the social agenda then, the economic agenda of 2019 will be okay as well. Success tastes better together!’

Until next year at The New Horizon!

Photo-impression 8 january 2019

Tuesday 8 January Photos by Bram Saeys

Video Studio 040 January 2017

Tuesday, January 8



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