The New Year’s reception of the Brainport region; The New Horizon, was well-attended yesterday. The event was visited by many, the atmosphere was great and visitors had plenty of opportunity to meet acquainted business relations and make new contacts. Mayor of the city of Eindhoven and president of the Brainport Foundation, Mr John Jorritsma talked about the recent acknowledgment of the region as one of the three main Dutch economic regions by the Dutch government. His plea was to cash this so-called Mainport status in the year to come and he presented his vision on an adequate approach.
The acknowledgment of the Brainport region as on of the three Dutch main economic regions by the government turned 2016 into a crucial year for Brainport. Our region has defined the Dutch international competitiveness for years. A closer collaboration between the two other main economic regions, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, is essential to the Dutch economy. Moreover this helps us to create a competitive business and living climate for international companies and talent.

In 2017 a National Brainport Agenda will be developed. Jorritsma: “With this agenda we will make clear what investments and contributions we need from the national government in order to strengthen the knowledge intensive manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. With the Brainport region at its heart. In short: what is needed for us and for the Netherlands.

You can find John Jorritsma’s speech here. For now we wish you an entrepreneurial and innovative 2017!

See you next year at The New Horizon!

Photo-impression 10 january 2017

Tuesday 10 January Photos by Bram Saeys

Video Studio 040 January 2017

Tuesday, January 10



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